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Strategic Aeronautics was founded to innovate and commercialize revolutionary technologies for military, commercial, and general aviation, Strategic Aeronautics created an elite sector within the emerging Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) market to serve as a canvas to deploy our technologies.

Strategic has fielded simplified Decision Support Systems to improve operational safety for turbojet owner/pilot community; invented image refinement technologies to yield high-resolution en route, terminal, and special mission charts from National Aeronautical Charting Office and National Geospatial Agency generic source materials; and created Extensible Information Portal technologies (XIPs or “Zips”) to facilitate structured and on-demand cockpit information management.

When a mainstream technology does not deliver required result, we create the optimal solution through innovation and invention.

Team Members

Our founders, associates, and partners include career military aviators and air controllers, ATP rated commercial pilots, seasoned engineers and program managers, award-winning aviation artists, military test pilot school graduates ... all with a serious drive to "Be the Best". We have team members across numerous time zones, and support clients in 11 countries. We are your 'always available' solution.

Our Engagement Philosophy

Our core strengths include fast-paced, results based program management, ROI focused requirements definition and product development, and intuitive pilot and controller interface designs that complement the entire automation system and avionics suite, leveraging the user’s ever evolving “visual expectation”.

We are selective in our project engagements so that we may apply our unique talents to unique programs. By focusing upon our core strengths, the Strategic team has always delivered amazing results. For those projects that are not within our core, we have an extensive referral network of like minded, exceptionally talented professionals.

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  RTCA RTCA Task Force 5
NextGen Mid-Term Implementation Task Force
Business Strategies
  Joint Planning and Development Office - JPDO
NextGen Network Centric Operations
  VSATS Virginia SATSLab
Technical Director
Portfolio Development
  Bulls Eye Cockpit Design Collaborative
Cognitive-Aware Flight Deck Systems
Open Source Aeronautical Charting and Data
  Airborne Internet FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center
Multi-Link Airborne Internet Demonstration
Law Enforcement Tools Demonstration
  EAC Blibet  Eclipse Aviation Corporation 
Avio Flight Bag Development & Global Customer Support
Flight Management System Functional Design
  TGIR NASA Turning Goals into Reality Award
Small Aircraft Transportation System Program
  Mobilizer Mobile Enterprise Magazine
2008 Mobilizer - Technology Pacesetter Award

Eclipse Aviation - Avio Flight Bag Branded Product
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